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clingoWho is Clingo?

Clingo is a new accessory brand of the larger Irish group Allsop. Allsop is active in the accessory market for years; that goes back to the last century, when the family business was big in cleaning products for cassette decks. The company has kept up with the time and has several accessory brands in the range such as Gaiam and Clingo right now, but still their own brand name Allsop.
All Clingo accessories are characterized by the typical green sticky pad on whick a smartphone, MP3 player or game console can be ‘stuck’. Then there are numerous of applications possible, such as car holders, game controllers, festival holders and so on. The technology of the sticky material has been carefully studied. The bond must be large enough so that the phone doesn’t spontaneously fall off during a vibration of the car, but the phone also needs to take off easily by the user. Clingo has found this perfect ‘tack-mix’.

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