Who is G Data?

G Data keurmerkenAs a specialist in Internet security and pioneer in the field of virus protection, the G Data company, founded in Bochum in 1985, developed the first antivirus program more than 20 years ago. Consequently G Data is amongst the eldest security software companies in the world. Over more than five years, no other European security software provider has won national and international tests and awards more frequently than G Data. In 2014 G Data is still the best in many test results.

 New in 2015

The main features of the G Data 2015-generation:
-Latest G Data CloseGap technology for a complete virus detection
-New: exploit protection - prevents exploiting vulnerabilities
-New: keylogger protection - automated, virus signature independent, real-time protection without extra system load
-New Cloud backup in G Data Total Protection for Dropbox and the like-optional in addition to local data backup
-Saves computing power thanks to fingerprinting and absence scans
-Protection for surfing and emailing
-Safe Internet banking with G Data BankGuard
-In G Data Internet Security: silent firewall, spam filter and child protection
-In G Data Total Protection (in addition to the functionalities of G Data Internet Security): data backup, encryption and system tuning
-Hourly updates, so that new threats can't get a chance
-Need CD for disinfecting an infected computer
-Dutch helpdesk at local rates
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