Repairs for all equipment 

Twindis repairs all your (mobile) devices, from notebook to projector and from iPad to LCD display. If you want to replace a faulty monitor, keyboard, LCD inverter, disk drive or hard disk for a customer, Twindis can take over the repair operations. When you lack the time or possiblities to effectuate repairs, our own skilled repair team will always be able to repair fast at attrictive prices. Send the defective devices to Twindis and within 3 to 7 days they will be - fully repaired - returned to you.




Repair request via PDF form

Within a short time you will be able to use the online repair request form. Until then we ask you to register your repair via the PDF form below.



You can digitally fill out this PDF form on your computer. Print it, put your signature on it and add this fully completed form to the device to be repaired. 
Send your package well packed, franked and registered or insured to:

Twindis  -  attn. Repair Department  -  P.O. Box 114  -  5740 AC Beek en Donk  -  the Netherlands

Price quotation

You always get a price quotation from us for your reparation. If the price of your replacing part or your repair deviates from the normal pricing, or in case of particularities, we'll inform you about this. In all cases you must react to this price quotation. We will not proceed with any repairs until your approval is received!

Handling- and research costs

Twindis charges € 19,00 ex. VAT research costs when - following a price quotation - no approval has been received. 
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