Payments at Twindis

At Twindis you can pay in various ways. You can simply choose the payment method that suits you best.

These are our payment methods:

Your payments at Twindis go through our payment service provider Adyen. Read more on Adyen here.

Direct debit

At Twindis you have the possibility to pay with direct debit. During your registration as a Twindis reseller you were able to note that you agree with this payment method. This direct debit is standardized according to the official European SEPA regulations.

Once a week we send a debit to your bank, concerning all the orders you've done since your last payment to Twindis. Your bank will subsequently deduct the amount of those orders from your account and transfer it to the Twindis / MyMicro Group account (the registration name will show MyMicro Group; this is the holding of Twindis).

Read more on SEPA debits.


iDeal betaling

You immediately complete your payment within the safety of your trusted payment environment.



You immediately complete your payment within the safety of your trusted payment environment.



You immediately complete your payment within the safety of your trusted payment environment. You can pay with any bank card that has a Maestro logo.

Sofort online bankoverschrijving

Sofort Banking

Safely and quickly pay with your internet banking credentials.



Payments using PayPal take place in a secured environment, from your own bank account, the credit card or off the balance of your PayPal account.


Mastercard VISA

Safely and quickly pay with your Mastercard or Visa credit card through a secured SSL connection. Take note: a 3D Secure check will be done to confirm your identity.

Bank transfer

With a bank transfer payment you first wire the money to the account mentioned at our payment service provider Adyen. This is easiest through internet banking. Mind you, when you use this payment method, we can't deliver the order within 24 hours. This is due to the delays in payment.

Buying on account

Twindis only gives credit to legal persons (companies and institutions). Buying on account is possible for companies and institutions through a spending limit that will grow automatically with the turnover that's made within Twindis.


This option will be available to you from the moment you you've done at least two positive prepayments over the course of a year, with a minimal order value of €500. We advise you to do all your orders through one central Twindis account. Make sure you always login to the same account. This is the quickest way of increasing your credit limit. For more information, please contact our customer service: Tel. 088 088 66 55 (NL) / 038 080442 (BE)

  • Twindis only gives credit to legal persons (companies and institutions). Paying on account is possible through a spending limit that will grow automatically with the business that's done within Twindis. The following requirements apply:
    • You have a valid chamber of commerce number and have been registered for more than 6 months.
    • New clients need to make prepayments on at least the first two payments, with a minimum order value of €500. After these payments have proven successful, you're allowed to buy on account.
    • For existing customers we look at two positive payments in the last 365 days, again with a minimum total order value of €500.

The biggest advantage to the limit described above is that your credit will be bigger with every order you place at Twindis. Every positive payment experience will be added and those same values are ready for you to spend at your next order.

To be able to use the credit limit that grows with every order, it's important that you use the same credentials for every order. This way your historical order values will be added correctly and you will subsequently receive more credit with every new order.

  • The payment should be fulfilled with 8 days after the date of the invoice, by money transfer of the amount to the Twindis bank account. The date of the bank statement will be used as the day of payment.
  • Unless expressly otherwise agreed in writing, the payment must be done without deducting the transport costs and without settlement.
  • Everything the debtor pays, is meant in the first place for the payment of interest and/or costs and subsequently to complete payment of the oldest open invoice.
  • If Twindis considers it necessary, she's allowed to void the agreement.
  • If the agreed term of payment is exceeded and the invoices haven't been paid, a stop in delivery will occur on the concerning account.
  • All deliveries and payments are exclusively done according to Twindis' "General terms and conditions", as deposited at the chamber of commerce in Eindhoven. Unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • Orders are only dealt with after receiving a written purchase confirmation.
  • When picking up the order, we will only give the products out after identification with a legitimate ID and a purchase order.
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