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Searching by part numbers

This search function allows you to directly find a product by part number.


It is of high importance to punctually enter the part number. Only in this way the search function will give you reliable results. Searching by part numbers is the perfect tool to offer you original or compatible products.


What are part numbers?

Each part of a device has its own unique number. By this number the manufacturer can identify each and every part of all products manufactured in the factory. Although it is a unique and carefully chosen number, it may happen that manufacturers have issued various part numbers to one single part. TWINDIS exactly knows which part numbers are compatible. Of course TWINDIS has taken into account these double numbers in its product advising system. This is called 'comparable part numbers.


You can identify part numbers by their size (number of characters), their position on the specific part and their denomination, for example; P/N, PN, spare and 'replace with'.


Some examples of part numbers are: BTP-43D1, BAT30N3L, 316687-001, 442685400013, BATDW00L en 3R305


Searching by model

Using this search function you select the device and you will get an overview of all the products/parts available for the device. TWINDIS keeps its database up-to-date concerning these models. Some examples of models are; "Acer Aspire 1300", "HP Pavilion ZV6235EA", "Dell Latitude D820", "Clevo 2700T", "Canon lxus 400", "Sony Ericsson K800i" etc.


Searching more successfully by model and part number

To be sure to find the right product, we advise you to start by searching by device model. Subsequently you can verify the details of the product to check if its part number appears on the list of comparable part numbers. In case of any doubt concerning the choice of the right product, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Didn't find your product?

Of course we would like to help you selecting the right products. Don't hesitate to contact one of our sales representatives or your accountmanager to get a personal and accurate product advice.
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